We offer a wide range of professional services, including assurance, internal auditing, accounting, taxation, financial, corporate secretarial and advisory services. All these services are backed by highly trained full time staff and incorporate, wherever possible, the latest technical developments in the profession.

Audit Service

We believe that the annual audit service is more than just a legal requirement. It is our policy to ensure that the latest skills and technique of auditing are applied to all audit assignments.

Our audit service includes the following:
→ Examination of the financial statements for the purpose of expressing our opinion on the financial statements prepared for Statutory purposes.
→ Counseling on accounting and financial reporting issues both as to matters which we will raise and as to questions posed by the clients

Our function under the Companies Act is to examine the financial statements prepared by the directors for presentation to the shareholders. The nature and extent of our tests will vary according to our assessment of the client’s system of internal control.

In accordance with normal practice in such examinations, we will not perform a detailed audit of the transactions and, therefore, our examination could not be relied on to detect defalcation or similar irregularities. As you know, the principal reliance for the detection of irregularities is placed on your accounting procedures and internal control since the extent of activities and volume of transactions make it impracticable, both from the stand-point of volume and cost to have a detailed audit done by us. Any irregularities which may come to our attention will be promptly reported to the client.

We will also submit to the client any suggestions which we might have for strengthening and improving the client’s system of internal control and accounting procedures. We are also required to ensure that the financial statements are drawn up to comply with the standards laid down by Malaysian Institute of Accountants and the Malaysian Accounting Standards Board. If the accounts do not comply with such standards, the fact of non-compliance will be stated in the accounts.

Internal Audit

Our internal audit service is designed to give assurance that there are sufficient internal controls in place to mitigate the risk associated with the organisation. Our approach remains risk-based. This means we will get rapidly to the heart of the issues that affect the organisation. We will continue to focus on clients’ system and internal controls in order to identify controls that are effective and relevant.

Tax Services

In relation to taxation services, we provide advisory, planning and consultancy services, prepare and submit income tax returns and represent clients both before the Inland Revenue Board and the Appeal Commissioners. All these require detailed knowledge of the clients’ affairs for the clients to achieve the maximum benefits allowed by law.

Secretarial Services

We act as company secretaries and maintain the statutory records required to be kept by client companies under the Companies Act. We assist in the incorporation or acquisition of companies and also provide services of nominee directors and share registrars for public listed companies.

Other Services

To assist our client, we are able to provide clients with assistance in the following areas: -
→ Assistance for companies wishing to restructure with a view to mergers or acquisition of companies
→ Assistance for companies wishing to obtain stock exchange listing
→ Preparation of project feasibility studies
→ Preparation of project papers in connection with application for banking facilities
→ Designing and implementation of accounting system
→ Assistance in project and cash flow forecasting
→ Business and share valuation report
→ Receivership and liquidations